Perfect Pearl Powder | Living Libations

Perfect Pearl Powder | Living Libations

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A powerful product for both skin and oral care. Perfect Pearl Powder is derived from pearl nacre of 4-year old Pinctada maxima oysters that live around the Eastern Archipelago of Indonesia’s South Sea. Pearl powder has been used on the skin and in the mouth in ancient Eastern beauty remedies for hundreds of years. There are more than a dozen various amino acids, calcium and lipids that both the skin and mouth absorb. Pearl carries vital naturally-occurring prebiotics from the chicory root powder and powerful antioxidants from rosemary extract, both wonderful applications to support healthy flora on the skin and in the mouth.

Skincare | Helps combat dark spots and scars, smooth fine lines, regenerate skin cells, increase collagen production, clear blemishes, & even skin tone. Sodium Bicarbonate acts as a smooth and gentle exfoliate.

Oralcare| Strengthens and polishes teeth from the inside out. Sodium Bicarbonate works as a cleaning agent that is significantly safer and gentler than commercial toothpaste and it also balances alkalinity of saliva which is very important for oral health.

*Each batch of Perfect Pearl Powder is tested to be clear of any heavy metals.

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Directions for teeth polishing: Add a pinch to your toothpaste and scrub gently for two minutes for a pearly, sparkly polish. May also add a dash to one teaspoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes of oil pulling.

Directions for skin: Add a pinch to your every day face washing regimen for extra exfoliation-especially when cleansing with Best Skin Ever. Perfect Pearl Power works wonders as an overnight blemish spot-treatment…see the magic happen with adding to pure water or with one drop of Jewel Dew Dab. Pearl Powder can also be made into a face mask to apply once a week or every few weeks by adding a dash of Powder to Best Skin Ever and leaving on skin for 15 minutes and rinsing with damp washcloth. If skin becomes try, moisturize with one pump full of Best Skin Ever.

Ingredients: pearl powder, chicory root, sodium bicarbonate, rosemary supercritical extract

Amount: 30ml