Cell Serum | Living Libations

Cell Serum | Living Libations

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The spot-on solution for finicky blemishes and problematic skin issues, including collagen breakdown, chronic inflammation, signs of premature aging, acne, and loss of elasticity. This treatment includes black cumin seed oil, a strong anti-inflammatory, and broccoli seed oil to lock in moisture and infuse inflamed skin with soothing fatty acids. Golden jojoba is enriched with vitamin E to help block free radicals from absorbing into the skin. The organic essential oils are infused with MSM, a biologically-active organic sulfur. MSM is a naturally occurring powder captured from the earth after it rains. This unique process lets the skin benefit from all the nutrient-rich oils easier and quicker, helping to increase collagen production, improve flexibility of the skin and ease inflammation.


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Directions: Shake bottle to combine oils. Use dropper to apply one drop to your palm. Using your fingertips, gently pat cell serum into the areas of skin that need extra care and assistance. Skin may flush pink for a few minutes due to warming cinnamon essential oil. Super-sensitive skin users may choose to dilute with a few drops of jojoba or coconut oil before applying.

Ingredients*: black cumin seed supercritical extract, broccoli seed oil, golden jojoba oil, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), seabuckthorn berry supercritical extract, frankincense essential oil**, cinnamon essential oil**, chamomile essential oil**, lavender essential oil**, turmeric essential oil**, immortelle essential oil**

*organic or wild crafted ingredients

**infused with MSM (biologically active organic sulphur) to enhance the production of collagen, increase skin cell flexibly and permeability, and ease inflammation

Amount: 15ml